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How to Use the Brand – Grobal World

Your Guide to Upholding Our Brand Identity

Welcome to our brand guidelines page. At Grobal World, we’ve worked hard to create a brand that our community trusts and recognizes. To maintain this consistency and integrity, we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines when using our brand assets.

Brand Name

  • Correct Usage: Always spell ‘Grobal World’ as two words with both ‘G’ and ‘W’ capitalized.
  • Incorrect Usage: Avoid abbreviations, merging the words, or altering the capitalization (e.g., Grobalworld, grobal world).

Logo Usage

  • Proper Display: Our logo should be used as provided without alteration. Ensure it’s clearly visible against the background.
  • Size and Spacing: Maintain adequate space around the logo. It should never be the smallest visual element on the page.
  • Do Not Alter: Avoid modifying the logo’s colors, dimensions, or adding any effects.

Color Palette

  • Our brand colors are a key part of our identity. Please use the specified colors for any promotional or partnership materials. The color codes can be found in our provided brand assets kit.


  • We use specific fonts to communicate clearly and consistently. Use only the approved fonts provided in our brand assets kit for any textual content related to our brand.

Imagery and Photography

  • When using images, ensure they align with the aesthetic and values of Grobal World. Images should be high quality, relevant, and reflect the essence of home gardening.

Voice and Tone

  • Our brand voice is friendly, informative, and inspiring. Whether it’s a blog post, advertisement, or social media content, the tone should be consistent with our brand’s voice.

Legal Guidelines

  • Always use our brand assets in a respectful and lawful manner.
  • Do not use our brand assets in any way that suggests endorsement or affiliation without our prior consent.

Contact Us for Clarification

If you’re unsure about how to use our brand assets or require specific materials not included in our brand assets kit, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re here to help ensure our brand is represented accurately and consistently.